I cannot beleive it!!! What do you say? I was carrying on merrily and suddenly WHAM!

For those of you who do not know, I was taken ill with an appendicitis on Sun, 24th Nov. I thought at the time it was food poisoning and it was only when I was still feeling very ill and in pain on Mon eve. that we went off to the Hospital. They treated me well although cheaply (National Health) i.e: fingers used to diagnose where and how much it hurts, and great details about how it started etc.

In the end they gave me a pain injection, antibiotics and kept me in over night. Early Tues. morning lots of men (some women) in suits came to have a look and prod and the head one (apparently it is some sort of status here if you are a surgeon or consultant and you are called Mr. not Dr.! Strange ways!) explained that they would open me up to have a look and would remove the appendix no matter what, as well as the source of the pain if it was something else.

All went well and a burst appendix was discovered, higher than normal trust me, so I have a huge scar healed together at the mo’ by staples!!!!!

More to follow


This is Christina, this time. Bernadette requested an update, so I thought I would post one for everyone.

Mom’s fine, she came home at 1:00pm today, English time. (They called me with the news.) She now has developped Shingles, apparently, so the doctor will be making a house call on Monday, I believe.

She’s pretty much all right. Can’t do much, on lots of anti-biotics still… but she’s recovering fine.

I think that’s all. She says she will try to get online some time during the week.


It was strange to read about my mom’s illness in her weblog. I was glad to have such a tool, however, otherwise I might not have heard about it until after she’d had the operation! (I’m hard to reach on Monday-Tuesday). As it was, I didn’t hear about it until at least 12 hours after she went in to the hospital… anyway, I’m just glad to hear she’s doing well.

My final week of school is wrapping up. I’m working on making a book for my Typography 2 class – this should be interesting. Went to the library Tues. afternoon and got a couple of books on how to make books (they didn’t have much, as it was my local city library). They’re all children’s books, but at least it will be simple. Got a couple of books on graphic design too, which got me kind of excited as limited as the selection was. Now I want to go back and look for more… but I know they just don’t have the design collection my school has. Ah, well.

That’s all for now. Thanks for all your emails! Now start leaving comments at the end of our posts, too! πŸ™‚


Dave again here with an update on Trish.

She had her appendix taken out yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, about 12 noon.

By late afternoon she was back in the ward, in reasonable shape and happy to have her hands on a morphine self adiministration device (happy being the operative word). Very tired and sore, but coming round.

By the evening she was improving, and allowed to sip water, though very much in pain still.

Today, Wednesday, she is in much better shape. Hasn’t eaten a lot yet, and still in a lot of pain when she moves, but mending quickly at this point. She now has her own night clothes and is washing and “creaming” and starting to get back into routine things.

She is expecting to come home on Friday at this stage. She has to stay there to finish a course of anti-biotics as the appendix was perforated.

I’ve told her that everyone (on the email list) knows and she appreciates the mail she has received (but not yet seen) from everyone.

The next update will probably be from her.


This is Dave making an update for Trish – who is in hospital.

She is awaiting surgery at this point for a suspected appendicitis (I know – even the doctors find it hard to believe at her age).

We went to a pot luck on Sunday, and thought this was food poisoning when it came on Sunday evening. When it had not gone away, and was getting worse in fact, by Monday evening we decided to go to the Hospital.

Got there at 10 PM yesterday, and at about 2 AM they decided to keep her as they still were not certain what was wrong.

This morning she is on a ward and in the queue for weight loss treatment.

They will not totally confirm the problem until she is opened up – some talk of stones (gall bladder or kidney) as of last night.

They will take the appendix anyway, possibly, while they are in there – just for luck I suppose?

Watch this space for updates.



Saw the Lord of the Rings exhibit on Sunday. It was fabulous… though it could have been better. If they’d put the exhibit on for a couple of months, to allow for more viewers, had guided tours and limited groups, it would have been better. Then they could have explained all the props, maybe described how they were made etc. Or maybe even had an in-character tour, so that it would feel like the middle earth of the stories had actually happened in our history!

At any rate, it was interesting, but we were herded through with hundreds of other people. Kind of took away from it all, and made it go faster than I would have liked. The sets they built for it were really good though, loved them. Needless to say, I’m now wetting myself in anticipation for the movie! *laugh*

Not much more to go school-wise. Almost done classes and tests and projects. I have to make a book for my last class next week, which should be interesting. Hopefully it’s not too hard.


Sweden is now turning cold, and having been here since Monday all I have seen is light snow, grey skies and VERY early darkness (3:30 pm), though the snow is not sticking so it’s not even pretty at this point.

And to think, last week I was in Taiwan and 25ΒΊC weather, with a quick 48 hours in the UK (just to wash off any tan I might have picked up) before hurrying off to Stockholm!!

The new news is that my job is apparently to change again in the new year. I have finally managed to get a home based job, and will be taking over all UK projects for our division at the end of January. That doesn’t mean that I will actually be at home (in Reading) but will at least be travelling around the UK during the week, and be home at for the weekends. Good eh? Though it probably means that I shall have to start helping unpack the boxes now (what IS taking her so long?)

Presently we have projects in London, Horsham, Leeds and the West Country, and are gearing up for work on the East Midlands lines (wherever they are), and we do the work for those largely out of Derby and Plymouth facilities. My home base will remain Reading however.

Time to go to the pub for a Svendrups now

slope da klop nip floop (or something like that).


Okay, Okay, so I got it wrong! There are a lot of choices in the supermarket, I think it is because I cannot find what I am used to!!!

Still raining!!! Today I went for a walk down a lovely country lane at the back of my house and what a mess someone has made of the hedges!! Apparently, nowadays, they cut them with a machine thing attached to a tractor. Well – it rips them to bits. In the old days, men would do it by hand and lay the branches ‘just so’ enabaling them to grow inwards on themselves thus forming safe havens for all the little headgerow animals and birds.They could teach the unemployed how to do it now and save the envirnment as well.

Dave is in Sweden this week, maybe I am missing him!

Unpacking is going well, dining room is almost usable with all the dishes unpacked. Also bedrooms are almost habitable.

I am becoming well-known at the local laundrette, having been there 5 times in 2 1/2 weeks. Quite interesting observing the people who use the place. Quite a number put all their washing in together regardless of colours. Maybe it is cost, cannot help thinking their clothes must be grey. Rather like the country!!! Ops!

It is nice when the sun shines. Actually tonight is a full moon and it is beautiful shining on the back garden (I guess there are no clouds!)


Mike took me out on a lovely surprise date on Saturday. We had a nice meal out and then went to see Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets. Wow, what a great movie! Daniel Radcliffe did a much better acting job in this one, though there’s still room for improvement. The girl who played Hermiane (is that right?) was really great – I can see she’s going to be a really good actor πŸ™‚ Anyway, go see it!

It also snowed for 24 hours over Saturday night to Sunday. Beautiful. Now it’s all melting of course. *sigh* I really wanted to go skiing/snowboarding!! Hopefully it’ll snow again for next month.


I am rejoicing because Dave got the computer set up at home so now I can go on line anytime I want (taking into account phone costs).

We are still trying to unpack although great inroads have now been made: our bedroom is box-free, as is the kitchen and this bedroom (the mini one); also the garage, which was a horror untill yesterday when we were able to unpack it all. I am going to have my laundry room out there. In order to do that, we first have to have a roof put on it. The one that is currently there is a makeshift affair of corrugated Asbestos with various holes between it and the walls!!!!

Still enjoying living here, I think! It is an odd place, takes a lot of getting used to again. I miss the shops in Canada, there was so much variety and you can get almost anything (unless it is English!). I find the supermarkets are o.k. They sell a huge selection of everything from wine to baby clothes and everything in between but not much choice of each item, well not as much as in Canada.

I miss Canadian wines, they are impossible to get here, it is all Australian rubbish!!!!

I miss not knowing what is happening in Canada, but at least now I can check out the C.B.C. website.

Meanwhile I am learning a lot about England through T.V. and wonderful newspapers. It was really amusing to us – when we left England 21 years ago, a chat show host here called Michale Parkinson had a popular show on late night Sat. T.V. Well, what do we find on our return but the same guy with the same chat show!!!!! Turns out he went off for a few years in between, but I thought some things never change!!!!!

Lots of actors and politicians here have bad teeth, it really shows on T.V. when they are talking, have no idea why they don’t do something about it, they have money.

Lots of people still smoke here, pubs are awful because of that. I miss the smoke-free environment in Canada.

Still my garden is wonderful and green because of all the rain!!!!!