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Canada Day display 2020

As you can see from the photo, I have been busy!

We had the children again last week and what fun we had, it is almost like life is normal again when they are here. We do lots of fun things; explore the aquatic life in the pond, including tiny frogs; cool off in the wading pool, eat snacks out doors, play and read stories as well as this time we watched Wizard o0f Oz, in two sittings. Didn’t see the news all week, we had our own little world going on.

Now it is time to sort out the garden again and catch up with the never ending weeds which are thriving in spite of the almost draught and very hot weather.

It seems the US is going through some tough times when it comes to the Coronavirus. Still no real leadership from the White house so State Governors are leading the fight against it and imposing quarantine measures on certain States. I really do not want to see anyone from US coming into Canada anytime soon. A lot of people still do not get how serious this outbreak is and are not prepared to even consider being a bit carful!

The UK has started a human trial of the Coronavirus vaccine, apparently they are not alone. I shall be first in line for the vaccine when it is available.

Earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico on 23rd June, a friend of mine just returned from there.

Oh No, I have just seen that Photo Radar is coming to school zones in Ottawa, is this the beginning of the end? While i do not condone speeding in these areas, i do value my freedom and view cameras as bad when they are trained on the general public.

At last Tuktoyaktuk, has its own statue. It is known around the world for its beadwork and carving but has always wanted on of its own. Today it has achived its goal.


Oh Me Oh My

St William’s R.C. school photograph showing me and my contemporaries taken around 1960.

I am in the second row from front ( a clue is hair bows) above and have not yet acquired my glasses. I am still in touch with 3 of the girls. Where did the years go?

The above title is from the chorus of a song by George Formby “Leaning on a Lamp Post” He accompanied himself on a Ukelele or Banjolele and his light comical songs played in the background of my early childhood. He came from Wigan in Lancashire and had a very distinct accent which he cultivated as part of his act. He was born in 1904 and died in 1961. He was famous for a lot of films he made in the 1930’3/40’s. My mother never really liked him as he often portrayed gormless Lancashire innocents who eventually won the girl! Anyway I couldn’t get that tune out of my head today.

A reminiscing kind of day! I am in the middle of preparing a vignette for Canada Day to place at the front of our property. I will post a photo of the finished project when it is done.


Of Gardens

Bernadette and Veronica with their children, Christine, Andrew and in front Gerard taken at Ashness summer 1963

I have enjoyed all the time i have invested in the flower garden at this strange time in my life.

I started on it back in late March early April, it is divided into two large beds, both have a few bushes in them and they were overrun with weeds. One was really bad, it hadnt’ been weeded for at least 2 years. I felt great when I reached the end of eliminating all those weeds. I put compost on it and finally added a mulch. I also added some flowers. Here is the result:

The other bed I am still working on but it had greatly improved over its usual weedy self. It has a lot of Iris and Day lillies which over the years were allowed to go wild. The weeds get stuck between them all and it becomes very difficult to get the grass out without disturbing the flowers. This year i have been ruthless and dug up a lot of the Iris and lillies. It was time for a change. Although this is still a work in progress, I am very happy with the results thus far:

In other news apparently fidgeting can be good for you, it helps some people to think and can also be beneficial to health. Good i am a chronic fidgeter and cannot stay still to save my life, just as well that then I do not need to.

Paris has returned to normal, or what passes for it today. Street cafes are open and used by lots of people, hair salons are open, Versailles, has reopened. when can we do that here, please sir?


Flowers and other Nouns

Patricia and friend 1950’s

I was expecting to write this yestrday, 1st June, but i got waylaid by the garden.

What a month May was it started out cold with snow flurries and frost at night, it was very dry and then the last week it got very hot, mid to high 30’sC felt like 40 some of the time. Then it ended with cold and wet. This has resulted in the plants in the garden going crazy, once we got the rain everything just shot up and turned an Irish green. It has been a very good year for Dandelions! They are everywhere in the lawn, in the flower beds even down by the stream. Dave’s lawn mowers have been sorted out and he is busy trying to cut grass as it has gone berserk. We are very thankful for being able to enjoy this beautiful house and garden.

What is happening in the States at the present time is deeply disturbing, as a close neighbour it is very difficult to watch the way it is being handled down there. We are by no means perfect here but i hope we are sympathetic to other’s plight and not so quick to condemn.

When can we have the churches reopened? I for one am missing our weekly gathering. Even though the mass is now live streamed on Utube it is nowhere near the same.

Just read Washington Black by Esi Edugyan, what a great read, something is always happening in this novel which spans great distances and even greater feelings. Highly recommend reading it.

Madeleine McCann is in the news again in UK after German police are looking into her possible murder by a suspect they have in prison on another sex offence.

Here is a link to an interesting bit of information about the English Language. Enjoy.


Pretty Flowers

May 2020

Lovely day, went out for breakfast in the Merc. Cafes and restaurants are still closed to eat in so we got a take away from our favourite café and sat on a bench by the library overlooking the river. It is much cooler today and that horrid humidity has gone, so it was nice to do this. We then drove to a couple of garden centres and picked up a few plants even though most of their stock has gone. They have had a busy year as a big garden centre closed down last year (locally owned, they retired) and the plant sales that usually happen in this community are all cancelled, not to mention that the supermarket plants are hardly any good. I am happy with what i got and have finally planted up my hanging baskets and rest of the tubs, but then it rained, really hard, we needed it. But it interrupted my garden planting and weeding. I guess that is a job for the morrow.

A series of protests is taking place in the US because of the death by police of a black man in Minnesota on Monday. The riots/protests have been spreading all week. The president is not helping by his crazy tweets.

Elon Musk’s Space Ship has blasted off into space, from the US. This is a private space adventure.

The temperature has really dropped now and is going down to 5C tonight. That is a huge change from last week when it was in the 30’sC. We seem to have a storm coming in with thunder and lightening. Good for the flowers at least.


Here we go Again

Somewhere in the New Forest about 1977

I know I have stated that i do not watch the tv news, perhaps that is a bit of a lie. i watched some of it last night but as soon as it gets on about Covid 19 and Canada I switch off. I have been scanning the BBC and CBC websites and have found some interesting tit bits.

On Sunday17th May a Canadian Snowbird (the Canadian version of the Red Arrows or Blue Angles) crashed into a home in Kamloops B. C. The Snowbirds have been flying over parts of Canada lifting the locals spirits. The pilot died and one other pilot who was on board manage to eject and is now home after recovering from his injuries.

After many days of no rain, we finally got a shower this evening. It has also been very hot these last few days so the rain was doubly welcome.

Had a nice day, visited some local friends sat outside enjoying the weather, their newly weeded garden and nesting birds. We called in on other friends to see how their painting of the outside of there house is coming along. It has wooden siding and they are doing a good job of it, but what a lot of work.

Then I went shopping to get a few things we needed. Made an appointment to drop of children’s clothing at the local children’s store that sells good used clothing on consignment. Also have an appointment to pick up library books which i ordered on line. I go to the library, park and let them know I am there, they will then put the books in the back of the car. Interesting times.


After the Party’s Over

And a good time was had by all.

The last little while we have had a wonderful time. We were kept very busy coming up with creative ideas and fun things to keep little people busy and having fun. The period included Dave’s 73rd birthday (How did that happen) and our 45th Wedding Anniversary. We were so very happy that we were able to spend them in this way.

Now we are back to reality or at least house cleaning and grass cutting. Last weeks weather was perfect for outside adventures and slowly warmed up as the week progressed. This meant that the spring flowers all came out, but this week is far too hot and humid thus the spring blossoms etc, are opening and dying in super fast time. Not to mention the dandelion lawn!

We have had a few challenges with house and garden equipment, first the pump in the basement that pushes the washing machine water into the waste pipe broke, that took numerous trips to hardware store for advice and stuff. Next, one of the ride on lawnmowers broke this turned out to be beyond repair (it is the smaller of the two and allows for close maneuvering around trees). Then the push mower broke, it can be repaired, and finally the big mower threw a belt, this is on order. Meanwhile the Dreaded Dandelions grew bigger and started to achieve maturity. We gave in and bought a new smaller ride on mower thus ending the Dandelion Deluge, for now.

In the midst of our party week the fridge also decided it was tired and gave up working! The freezer was ok but we finally realised the fridge wasn’t’ keeping the beer cold on Sat night! The fridge is 18 years old (a record?) so we were looking for a new one. Dave emptied it and found a build up of ice in the freezer which he thawed out, then we plugged it back in and so far, 2 days, it is working fine. I still know where to find a new one if we need it.

Their you have it, we are relatively happy and i haven’t seen the news in ages. My mind is focused on the days before me this week and i am wondering what to have for our meal over the w/e we usually order something from one of the take away restaurants in the village.


Time for a break

Patricia about 1975/6

You might not find me here for a few days starting tomorrow, something exciting is happening. I will blog again when it is over and may tell you about it.

It has warmed up today and their is no frost in the forcaste for the foreseeable future. All good news for gardeners, we have been waiting for this! Only trouble is the blackflies, mosquitos etc. oh well! Tulips are open, but still waiting for the Magnolia to open. Hope i do not miss it!

Long weekend here, not that it makes much difference, but we will celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday on Monday, that is what the old holiday was for. Then it was named Dominion Day and today is celebrated as the official birthday of the present Queen of Canada, HRH Elizabeth R.

From Tuesday, next week, somethings in Ontario can start to open up to the public. Stores with street side entrances will be allowed to open using social distancing measures. Golf courses and other recreational areas are allowed to open on Sat, Some scheduled surgeries may be allowed and libraries will be open for pick up. This opening up will be watched closely to see if any increase in the virus occurs, before stage 2 will be even considered. Good news for us.

But we must still be vigilant as far as US goes, we do not want anyone coming into this country from there as it is crazy down there, no proper direction form the President who is supposed to be the Leader of the country and show a good example, all he seems to care about is money. i know that is a big problem but aren’t’ lives worth anything?


Caring for Each Other

Paul, Lorna and Allen 1977

What a beautiful day today, bit cold early on but warmed up nicely and sun shone all day. Did a little shopping, got my coffee from Geronimos and sat by the river in my usual spot. We cannot sit in the café so I take it away and sit in the car by the river. today there was a guy putting a boat on his trailer (it is a public boat launch area), I noticed he had been up to his knees in water ( which must be very cold and i remarked on this, he had a laugh and said yes it was a little. It was nice to have a random chat with someone for a change.

I planted the bulbs/ corms i received from hort. society roll on summer when we will see Anemones, Crocosmia and Giant Lilies (I hope).

Sat around another fire in the garden and chewed the fat with Dave. Good Stuff as John would say. We can do this!

Remembering family present and past also friends now and before and future. Yes there will be a future.



Veronica 1923 age 1

Today was freezing and then the sun came out and it warmed up. Had trouble sleeping last night again. Late rising, cleaned a bit then, escaped to the garden but after only 40 mins I was driven back inside by the freezing cold wind! However i do remember other Mays being cold at the start and then around the middle of the month the weather seems to flip and it warms up. I am still waiting for the tulips to open and the Magnolia flowers to bloom, on the other hand the Forsythia has been and still is beautiful in all its golden glory.

My book club had a Zoom call this afternoon and a discussion on a book we had read “The Hare with the Amber Eyes”

Some of us loved it and some did not. I enjoyed reading about the asides, Monet and Klimt and Vienna in the 1920’s. It can be a hard slog staying focused and it is a bit rambling at times. But overall an interesting informative read. Our time was taken up with discussing the book which didn’t’ leave anytime for chatting, this is a bit of a draw back but we are after all a book club. Everyone looked ok and it was nice to see us all. Next meeting is in June but we could have a chat, i think, before then. I might try and organise one.

Britain is allowing house moves and sales to take place. Also football training, with 5 allowed on the pitch at once and no tackling as well the pitch will be sprayed before a session.

Dr. Fauci, has warned the US Federal Govt. that the Coronavirus will spread if the country opens up too soon. Will anyone listen?

Hairdressers are among some of the businesses allowed to open up again in Paris France.

Meanwhile in Canada, Ontario and British Columbia both urge the Federal govt. to keep the boarder with the US closed, please.

Has anyone noticed how gorgeous our Prime Minister looks with his beautiful hair?