Skating on Thin ice

1962/3 winter in UK

Woke this am to white over everywhere and lovely sunshine! The snow has all melted but the sunshine remained. It is still cool though. Norway has cold and snow while Britain basks in a heat wave.

I see Mr Trump is determined to open up the US sooner rather than later. I just hope We manage to keep our boarder with the US secure. So many people in the states have the virus, we do not want them wandering around here when we have been staying in our homes and keeping ourselves apart from each other.

We do not need to wear masks, I cannot emphasis this enough. Save the masks for emergency workers and people who are sick. If you look at the information masks do nothing to save us from the virus but may cause us to catch it.

The 99 year old Army Veteran in UK has now raised 17 Million British Pounds, by his garden walking. His last lap (100th) was witnessed by an honour guard of army personnel while keeping 2 meters distance from each other!

In Ontario our liquor stores are considered essential services and remain open, in France chocolatiers are essential while in the US it is gun stores that are most needed. Says a lot about one’s culture?

Lots of world leaders are making false claims about the Corona Virus. China was trying to claim that it originated in the US and even that the US manufactured it! Fact; the Virus originated in Wuhan China at the end of 2019. Trump implied that a large amount of surgical masks had been stolen. Fact; no surgical masks were stolen from New York Hospitals. You get the idea?

Always we are susceptible to rumours such is the human condition since time immemorial. We must use our common sense and check the facts on trusted websites.


Walking my way back Home

give us a lick?

Another sunny day in Paradise, trouble is it was a bit chilly, frost overnight and never really warmed up all day with a bitter wind. i did go in the garden in the afternoon and continued with my weeding and mulching. Cannot wait until i can plant things. My daffodils are still not open.

I decided to explore the tops of my kitchen cupboards this morning, amazing what goes on up there away from everything. The wonderous designs the hidden cobwebs make is truly inspiring. The dirt and grease is a sight to be seen! Then I excavated the microwave, ours is an above the stove one with a built in extractor fan. No one told me I should unscrew the top part to access a hidden air filter!! Good job I decided to investigate the inner workings. Perhaps this is why appliances break down becuase no one knows how to clean them!!!

What is happening to all the grounded aircraft in the world? Aircraft carriers do not like to keep their planes on the ground. It isn’t healthy for them not to fly also it is expensive to store them at mainstream airports. Not to mention that their are not enough spaces for them all

These grounded aircraft have to be decommissioned, as you would a car you are not going to use for a long period of time, this is headache and means it will take time to get them back up and running if and when this present situation ceases.

A 99 year old British Army veteran has raised 9 million British Pounds for the national Health Service by walking a 100 laps of a 25 meter loop in his back garden with the aid of a walker. He was hoping to complete the laps before he is 100 on 30th April. His family is amazed at the amount he has raised. He wants to go on and do another 100 laps. This is the kind of story I like.


All Dressed up with Nowhere to go


No drinking last night so woke up raring to go. Cleaning the bathroom was top of the list, very exciting! Did get into the garden for a little more clean up and mulch laying. The day was sunny, windy and cool.

Dipping into my home library, I have come across books on Ancient Greece, the First World War, Thailand’s history and the Vietnam war. Some of these I have read others i have not. I must focus and decide on a subject and read all my books on that subject.

I see JK Rowling bought her childhood home back in 2011, it has only just become news now. This is an example of how the news has changed in these strange days,

We should be sorting through our elderly electronics and putting them in neat piles so when this is all over we can take them to appropriate recycling places. Hopefully they will have got the message that mining precious metals from old devices is more productive and better for the environment than mining the raw ore.

The wild fire raging near Chornobyl is still going strong and causing great concern. A 27 year old has been found who admits to starting this fire.

Mr Trump is determind to exert his apparent “power” over his country and has gone so far as to stop funding the WHO. Only time will tell if this is prudent!

It seems both Mr Trudeau and Mr Scheer broke protocols this weekend. The first traveling to his country retreat in Quebec, the second by travelling on a private jet with two other MP’s and his wife and 5 children. both claimed to have taken care. I could say i would have taken care if i had been allowed to travel! One rule for the wicked and one for the saints!


sailing around my couch

please do not rain.

Not a very productive day!!! Lots of rain so no gardening. Caught up with some emails, read a little, started a puzzle.

Apparently wild fires are threatening the abandoned Nuclear site at Chernobyl. A fact I didn’t’ know is Chernobyl continued to produce electricity until the year 2000!!!

Mr Trump is to give an address about the Coronavirus.

Boris Johnson is recovering at Chequers from his recent hospitalisation for Covid 19. Perhaps reflecting on his hero Pericles who died in a Plague outbreak in Athens 430BC.

If you are looking for some light entertain ment here is a link to a lost world just revealed off the coast of Wales.

Tim Brooke-Taylor OBE died yesterday aged 79 from Covid 19. He was best known for staring in the Goodies.

Apparently Neanderthals may not have been mentally inferior to modern humans. They have found a tiny piece of string in a cave in France made by these people who died out 40,000 years ago.

Tomorrow is another day.


Happy Easter

Katya and Nanna Easter 2018

What a lovely day! Poached eggs on toast for breakfast. Mass on TV, strange days indeed.

I went out in the garden and weeded under some of the bushes i know will soon leaf out and make it impossible to get at the bases. I wasn’t able to do this last year and the weeds just took over the garden. I hope to be able to arrest the development this year. Still no spring flowers open, it has been too cold and dull for them. I do not mind as soon i know we will have to deal with mosquitoes and i would rather not.

We had a lovely Skype call with the family in Whitby. We had lamb they had sausages and we shared stories and laughs and demands from Max (15 months no words yet only loud demands). Then we adjurend to the living room and watched the kids play and dance to Carma Camelia (Boy George). Lots of fun.

Stay safe and Sane and have some fun.


Tiny Amounts…


Oops. I forgot to write my blog yesterday (Sat) so i will write it today.

We wait for the Glory of Easter Day. I fear this year will not be as wonderful as Easter usually is. Partly because I have not really been engaged for most of this Lent. The churches closed halfway through and i do not have enough self discipline to follow what was needed without the help of the church community.

Watching the services on the TV, via internet, from Passion Sunday to Good Friday has been helpful but not being able to use my senses of smell, touch and taste, has weakend my response to this most holy of weeks. How long, i wonder, will we be able to sustain our faith in these challenging times.

I suspect the above feelings apply to a lot of the enjoyments (?) we previously took part in but can no longer.

It would seem that a lot of Americans who are dying from Covid 19 are poor and marginalized, they have had no support throughout their lives; no work, no money no health care, no proper education and now they are paying the price. They cannot self isolate with nowhere to live, they have no soap or washing facilities, no good food no place to sleep well. How can a society which claims to be modern and civilised have such things happening? I do not claim Canada is perfect but we do have universal health care, a system of welfare and unemployment insurance, yes we do have street people but hospitals will care for them. I do live in a Glass house so sorry, but it is a lot of American Citizens who are affected.

Boris (Doris) is getting better, do we say hooray?

The latest fashion statement appears to be hats with long clear visors attached to the front, i could actually go for them rather than wearing masks, at least it would look like I was doing something even if they are actually useless!!!


Where you there…..?

Today is Good Friday, it was freezing cold with a wind and some rain. I walked around the property remembering what it was like to walk through Kemptville with fellow Christian’s and the Cross in commemoration of Christ’s journey over 2000 years ago.

We were also lucky to be able to watch, on Facebook, the 3pm service. Holy Cross Parish had filmed this service for our benefit, Father Shim and 3 others took part; the Organist, a young man with a wonderful voice who sang unaccompanied some appropriate hymns, the Reader and the Videographer. it helped to make this day special.

Below is a link to a BBC page which gives interesting insights as to why certain plants are associated with Easter.

What a strange period we are living through, the BBC has a travel item talking about the importance of balconies in our lives, CBC seems to have lost interest in travel, no one has any imagination left, they are all too busy reporting doom and gloom!!!

I started to check the news again didn’t I, not a good idea. I prefer to live in my little world here. I try not to think of the future and am focusing on Easter Sunday at present.


Staying sane in a mad world

The three monkeys

I believe I am perfectly sane, it is everyone else who is suspect.

I tried to lighten the strain of shopping, in this new world, by wearing my bunny ears while waiting in line outside the liqure store, not sure how that one worked. We did decide that Ford was keeping the liquor stores open because he was worried Stills might become the norm in Ontario if he shut them.

After 2 beautiful days we ended up with chilly day which was host to snow showers, typical after I cleaned my winter boots! No gardening today.

Caught up with my email in box which had a lot of Myanmar news letters I hadn’t’ read. One article gave the history of the Wa, a people who now populate Wa State in Myanmar. They were at one time head hunters and have fascinated me since i first read about them in school.

When will people start to realize Taiwan is a country in its own right, it is time the WHO started to acknowledge this fact.

I woke up the other night on the verge of panic because Dave was touching my face and i thought it was an “outsider”. Oh boy what sorts of books will come out of this period?

The BBC website shows signs that Europe might be surviving, the CBC has nothing but doom and gloom so i am not looking at Canadian news because it is not conducive to my to my well being. As a result of me making that decision, I am feeling much better.


A little of what you fancy

LACW Ormerod 1972 RAF Wildenrath

My father decided, when i was around 11, it was time i cleaned my own shoes, we all had leather shoes for school in those days and cleaning them was a weekly event. Everyone’s shoes were either brown or black; you started with a small brush upon which you put a small amount of shoe polish, you then buffed them with a larger brush and, if you had the patience or time, wiped them over with a soft cloth and they were ready to go. Sometimes a special pair needed cleaning, like patent leather, for that we used petroleum jelly wiped on and off with soft cloths. For the white plimsolls we wore for Gym we had a white paste we painted on and they came up as new. The smell in the back room we cleaned them in was strong after we had finished.

When I joined the Women’s Royal air Force in 1969 the shoe cleaning ritual we did, while in our 6 week basic training, was a daily affair. We had old fashioned black lace up leather soled shoes which we were expected to be able to see our faces in by the time we “Passed out”. We put the shoe polish on with a rag, fairly thickly and either used wet cotton wool to rub it in circular motions until it shone or we carefully warmed it with a match, lighter or lit cigarette so it melted just enough but didn’t’ catch on fire (an art) after doing this a few times each night a build up of thick shinny polish was achieved. Mine passed muster but were not the best.

When we where living in Montreal my next door neighbour, an older Brit., used Dubbin on his winter boats and i picked up this trick from him. You may gather I cleaned our winter boots today ready to be stored until next winter.

Not much sunshine today.

Trudeau is out of quarantine and back in the House, Boris is still in Intensive Care but improving and Trump is now dissing the WHO for being too favourable towards the Chinese.

Trump is also touting a Malarial drug used for Arthritis sufferers, this drug is so far not proven and has many side effects. It is not a miracle drug, but might help if you have the disease and are severely affected by it.


Green tea with a little lemon

mum was learning to drive, after failing 5 tests she gave up.

Another beautiful day. Spent a large part of it on the garden clean up, i am very happy with that.

Turkey is using its ancient hand cleaner, Kolonya as a hand sanitizer and it works as it has a high alcohol content.

I keep looking at the face and body covers i described in a previous blog, they make me double up with laughter.

The WHO has Myth buster facts on its website, one of them is that Drinking Alcohol will not protect you from the Corona Virus, Oh mean virus!!!

The BBC has a question on its website. Does closing schools have a large or small effect on the outbreak? Apparently it will only affect the death rate by a small amount but has a huge negative impact on the wellbeing of the children as well as their parents. Taiwan has managed to keep its schools open.

I find the BBC website has more uplifting news then the CBC one. Why? Are Canadians prone to be gloomy? I need a bit of lightness at this bad time. I shall stick with the Beeb.

Mercedes is making a breathing aid for use during the pandemic.

I have decorated the house for Easter never mind that no one is coming, we will enjoy it.